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MDblog 2014

Royal Courts of Justice


Following a terrific “Shoot Like A Pro” seminar by Scott Kelby on Friday, we put photo technique into practice during the annual Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday.

This years event was made extra special with the founder of walking alongside London shooters in the morning and Bath photographers in the afternoon.

CORRECTION: 24Hrs Export Settings

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 17.05.04

If you’ve tried uploading your images in the past few days, you may have noticed the requirements are slightly different to what I wrote in my previous post. Fortunately, all we have to do is edit our previous settings as shown above. After you change the settings, remember to RIGHT CLICK on your preset and SELECT “Update with Current Settings”.

For those not using LR, the upload requirements are:
Format: High Quality JPEG
Dimensions: Minimum of 1,000 pixels along both edges
File Size: Maximum of 8mb

A few people have asked me how to check their images after export. The easiest way is to highlight the image (click once) in Finder or File Manager and review the details as shown below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 18.17.09

24HoursInBristol: Web Entries

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 18.32.18

A rainy day is the perfect time to import, organise, and edit your photos inside Lightroom. Here’s a quick recap of how to do this.


1. Right-Click on an image and select “Export” from the local menu
2. Select a destination folder
3. Add a filename
4. Enter settings as shown above

Remember you can save almost any custom settings as a preset in Lightroom.


1. Click the “Add” button in the lower left corner.
2. Name your export preset
3. Right click on your new preset
4. Select “Update with Current Settings”

Note: next time you want to export an image from the Library or Develop modules, you can now RIGHT CLICK on the image as you did before and select “EXPORT”. This time, you’ll select your new preset from the export submenu. In this way, you can carry on working whilst Lightroom exports your image in the background.

Lightroom Workshops @24Hours-In-Bristol


As part of the 24 Hours In Bristol photo competition, I’ll be presenting the latest photo processing techniques in Adobe Lightroom CC 2014.

All participants are encouraged to attend one of these two action-packed sessions where I’ll demo typical workflows for: importing, editing, retouching, and publishing your images.

If you’re serious about your photography, you’ll want to be sure and attend one of these FREE sessions:

Friday, 22 Aug 2014
6:30 – 7:30pm

Saturday, 23 Aug 2014
10:00 – 11:00am

Harbourside Arts Centre

Come and  see what’s new in Lightroom 5.6 and the Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers!

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