BB10 Large Icons

This a set of “large” (81 x 81px) icons which are ideally suited to all kinds of menus: top, context, tabs, and action bar.  Both light and dark colour schemes are included.

Licensing The PNGs

The FREE set of icons is published under the CC BY 3.0 license which means that you are free to use them in commercial projects as long as you give attribution to Myers Design Limited.

Master Set - $25

For less than a meal out – the MASTER set includes all of the PNGs plus the master files used to create them. You can use the Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop files to modify the existing set or as the basis for making your own icons.

Licensing the Master Set

The Master Set of icons are also meant for commercial use. But you do not have to give attribution of any kind. Please see the license agreement included in the .zip file for further details.

Building an Icon Font

Recently we’ve moved away from individual PNG files in favour of icon fonts like Font Awesome. However, 3rd party sets don’t contain all the glyphs we need. So we’re creating our own icon font and making it available from this site soon!

Make A Wish

If you have comments, questions, or icon requests, please get in touch via the contact form below

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