ROLE: Designer
DATE: March 2018
TOOLS: AE, Sketch, JS
LINKS: Cheerlights API
What Is It?

Cheerlights is best understood with an example: if I tweet "@cheerlights, lets see yellow", all lights atuned to this channel, in the world will turn yellow. I think what makes this project magical is that it uses push rather than pull data. Instead of locating my phone, unlocking, navigating to the Twitter app, and scanning for new info - I can sit back and let fresh data come to me.

How It Works

Cheerlights consists of a Thingspeak channel that talks to Twitter. There's also a Cheerlights API which gives further details about the service.

If you have an Alexa Device, you can speak your request using one of two Cheerlights skills in the app store. (I've used both the one by Barnaby Gray and the one by Hans.) For example, I usually say: "Alexa, ask Cheerlights for {red}". You can use any of these: blue, cyan, green, magenta, old lace, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow.

If you prefer secondary or tertiary colors to these bright primaries, it's easy to alter the code in JavaScript. You can see a couple examples here where I've adjusted red (made it crimson #900), blue, and yellow.

Smart Home Starter

This simple project makes for one of my best IoT and voice demos. It's portable and engaging. I think of it as a Smart Home project because it shows the power of controlling your environment with voice. It has proven inspirational at hackathons where teams want to combine voice with live data.

Cheerlights Build photo: cheerlights

Main Ingredients: ESP8266 + Neopixel Ring photo: cheerlights