Ciao Gelato

ROLE: Designer/Developer
DATE: June 2019
CLIENTS: iOS/Android mobile
TOOLS: Angular, Ionic, HTML, CSS, JS
Hero of Ciao Gelato App

Ciao Gelato helps you find the best gelato in London, Paris, and New York. Although it's a fun app, keeping it up to date takes some serious work. This new version features Material UI, fresh data, greater ease of use, and faster performance.

Focus on the User... & Fresh Data

Perhaps the biggest change was a brutal pruning of information and its presentation. The app now focuses on answering just these 3 questions: "What is nearby?", "Are they open", and "How do I get there?" Everything else (prices, telephone numbers, social media links) was removed. Another important change is that, once the user selects "Get Directions", the app now hands off to Google Maps. The goal is no longer to hold users attention as long as possible - but to deliver the right data at the right time- letting native apps take care of the rest.

VUI Requires New Strategy

Rather than try to emulate Google Maps and the embedded Voice UI - I proioritized handing off to native maps - putting the user in control of the navigation experience. Do you want to use native maps or the web API? Do you want to share your location? Do you want walking or cycling directions? All of these options come "for free" by leveraging the native experience.

With the Google Assisant built into native Maps, users can negotiate the urban landscape heads up and hands free! Beyond the advantage to personal safety, this also leverages the functionality and behavior that mobile users have come to rely upon. It seems silly to create new UX for navigation when the existing one works so well.


Utlimately, the promise of Ciao Gelato is finding and enjoying a bit of affordable luxury. The experience is one of discovery, refreshment, and renewal. This means that the app design must be as simple and streamlined as possible. The UX should really "melt away" - leaving nothing but fresh data and the delight of new discoveries.

Ciao Gelato v1. Earlier version focused on getting directions in-app. v1 built with jQuery Mobile

Ciao Gelato v2. It's now faster & easier to see the relevant data. Latest version built with Ionic and Angular

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