Show Master

ROLE: Designer/Developer
DATE: Aug 2017 - present
CLIENTS: Keynotes, Workshops

As a Developer Advocate for the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), it was my job to inspire developers and build momentum for the platform. When I started there were fewer than 500 skills in the store. Building interest, community, tools, training materials - these were the challenges.

What I Did

I taught myself how to make skills and noted where the experience could be better. As each new template was published, I built the skill to test the code and written tutorial. I gave regular feedback about usablity, developer tools, training materials, and events. I wrote tutorials and came up with new ideas for voice apps like Skill Master, Speak Gelato, and Music Minus One - which highlighted different APIs or possabilities for skill builders.

Why Show Master

I wanted Alexa to speak more during workshops (the medium is the message!). Given the browser-based tools, I also needed an HTML presentation to avoid context switching. But the big idea was to present content in any order - so as to encourage a more natural dialog flow with the audience.


I was a significant contributer to developer education and the global skill count. More specifically, I was the first person to introduce Alexa and skill-making in Germany. As a result, Alexa and skill building gained considerable traction in Europe. The number of skills available in Germany went from zero to 400+ in the 6 weeks I was there.

Context is Key

The Rise of voice Chart showing growth of voice ui over last 4 decades.

AWS Services Show Master tech diagram showing AWS triggers used

Show Master Intents Slide showing how intents work

Teaching the Parts of (AI) Speech Sentence diagram naming parts of speech

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